Brick Lane will never be the same.

Friday night saw the launch of Second Son's Pop-up shop at Brick Lane's Bodhi Gallery (basement level).

Being good friends of Second Son and also being the face of their last seasons look book, plus the fact I am exhibiting my custom sneakers and hats throut the duration of the pop-up store, I went down early friday morning to help out, and do finishing touches for the opening as most of the work had conveniently taken place the day before.

It was quite funny and it felt like i was in a scene from Being John Malkovich as there were loads of life size cut outs of me from the look book all over the gallery. Its a weird experience but quite flattering at the same time.

I'd been ill all week with the ruffest cold/flu, so i was so relieved when mid day a large delivery of Vitamin Water got dropped off. If you are feelin ill, Defence followed by some Multi-V is by far the one, sorted me right out.

Got to thank Sofi Donuts and Cat at Vitaminwater for the "complimentary" hook up. THANK YOU XX

The Party was BIG. I was so stoked to see so many friends and faces from the industry pile in. The feedback was so good and more importantly every one was really enjoying themselves. I could have not asked for a better mood.

I was so glad to see my team mate model and Second face of the look book honour us with his presence, Leo the Lurcher Dog. It would not have been the same without him there.

Not only was there the opportunity to see some killer deals on Second Son's past collections, see some amazing prints/art work from Will Kemp (Creative/Co Creator of Second Son), plus the outstanding and by far superior work from me HAHA SURE ;) !! - but also the opportunity to have a sneak preview at Second Son's next season collection. Which to me is the pucking nuts. I really look forward to see the success it brings them next year and wish them all the best.

Props to Tom and Luke on the decks at Bodhi's ground level Bar and the after party.

The party was abruptly finished when about 11 O'clock the rozzers came and shut us down. I think it was due to so many people having a such good time or something like that. You never really know with those dudes. But heay, a party getting busted by the cops is a good look anyways, right? It would not be the last time we had an encounter with the POLICE that night. As one of our mates (Ken) got caught urinating on brick lane and fined £80, but I'll not say much about that now as its quite a funny story and is worthy of a separate post in itself.

So we moved on to the after party at Commercial Street's Gramaphone (not before picking up a bagel and compulsary jam donut from east side's notorious 24hr Beigel Bake). I can't tell you much about Gramaphone as I was quite intoxicated by then so i'll let the pictures do the talking.

I just want to holla at everyone that came down and made it what it was. It would have not been, if it had not been for you lot. HOL-LLAAAAAAA and thanks

Last but not least I would like to give a big thank you to 2 really good buddys, Will and Rufus for inviting me to be apart of something so amazing. Thanks

Diesel SFW XXX non porn/porn ad for their 30th Anniversary party

Diesel are celebrating there 30th Anniversary by holding 17 party’s world wide on the same day, Oct 11 08. The international line up consists of N.E.R.D, MIA, Mark Ronson, The Cool Kids and so on.
London's Diesels XXX party will be held at the capitals newest and most ground breaking club instalment "Matter" which has been created by the people that brought you Fabric. This is located under the O2 centre and they have boats every half hour taking you up the Thames to the city centre, trout the night.
London’s line up for the night is, Mark Ronson, The View, The Cocknbull kid, Big Pink, Tayo and many many more. You can find out more at

For me, the video advertising the night has to be the best thing ever. It’s truly genius.
It’s something I would have imaged finding on the silent duck blog. My friends at diesel told me the original animation was mad funny as it did not cover the porn seen very well and had to be re-touched. Trust, I’ve been trying to get that version for my blog viewers but am finding impossible. Keep tuned, may still hook it up yet.

Second Son Pop Up Shop...

The Second Son temporary pop-up shop launches at Bodhi Gallery in Brick Lane on Saturday 27th Sept (this weekend). To celebrate and drown their sorrows after having to build a shop in a day, they are throwing a launch party on Friday 26th Sept from 7-11pm. There will be DJs, free beer, hot chicks (we promise) and a specially-made Second Son ‘Yes Juice’ cocktail mixed by the bartenders from Hakkasan.