Teck 1's Solo show

Good friend and a fucking bad boy artist Teck 1 is having a solo show at londons Reebok Lounge on Great Eastern Street. The Show will exhibit from the 31st Oct to the 15th Nov with a invite preview night on the 30th. So if you think you are in the know, see if you can hook up invites to that, as knowing Teck its gonna be "special"

Nice one Rich, see you there.

Exclusive snip bits in to Second Son "The Past Is So Hot Right Now" look book

I showed you the making of the "The past is so hot right now" Second Son look book and now I'm going to show you some exclusive snip bits from it. It's due to launch in full later on today. But remember, you saw it here first.
Monogram Sweat, complete with printed elbow patchs, its fuckin bad boy.

Big thank you to Lacoste for providing us with there Cassel Boots, It was a perfect look for the Country come Street Style

Art & Sole Launch's this week

Art & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design, by Intercity and published by Laurence King on the 15th October 2008 explores and celebrates the creative side of sneaker culture, showing the most original rarities and collaborations, and showing the latest art and design.

Featured designers/artists include: Katsuya Terada (Japan), Futura 2000 (USA), Also Known As (USA), Sean D’anconia (Canada), Stash (USA), Kiks Tyo (Japan), Crooked Tongues (UK), Kidrobot (USA), Hiroshi Fujiwara (Japan), Jeremyville (Australia/USA), Dalek (USA), Robert Williams (USA), Dave Kinsey (USA), Mr Cartoon (USA), Jun Watanabe (Japan), Delta (Netherlands), Toy2R (Hong Kong), James Jarvis (UK), Mihara Yasuhiro (Japan), Jules David (Holland), INSA (UK), Dave White (UK) and myself Nash Money (UK).

Donuts 1st Birthday


yes yes, My Girlfriend Sofi Donuts and her business partners Jamie Donuts and Tom Donuts are celebrating Donuts 1st birthday this coming Friday. It promises to be a party of note, with a pre party at the store, and then ongoing at the tube. Plus knowing the Donuts lot it'll go somewhere else after the tube which will end up being a banger of a night.
Hope to see you there. Party pics will be posted soon after.

Fixxie meets Harris Tweed at the V&A's Fashion v Sport

Featured in the Fashion v Sport exhibition, Dashing Tweeds, Britain's latest tweed textile company, present the Urban Tweed range. Inspired by the colourscape of London, from wet pavements of Piccadilly to the green parks of St. James', the Dashing Tweeds range is brought to life by military tailor Kashkets in a design for the urban cyclist. With the added benefit of a Teflon coating, the design includes specially cut cycling plus-fives that have side buttons, and a clever action back to allow free movement while pedalling hard.

Cycle Study from FUMF on Vimeo.

This Video was produced by Federico Urdaneta, who by the way was the same guy that made my video for the V&A

STOP THE PRESS!! The new Second Son look book coming anytime now

Thats right peeps, you heard right. The new Second Son collection is about to drop and its better than ever, with its dapper don ye oldie english regal tip style. 

I was well honored to be asked to be part of the look book for the second time with co-model Leo the lurcher dog and new face Raskitt. As top notch models we had to get in touch with our inner Zoolander, as we embarked to travel back in time to ye oldie english heritage. What better way to do this but to shoot shot guns as well as smoke pipes, drink Brandy, walk from the west wing to the East wing, go on hikes and lounge by the fire place while reading the FT (SURE).

Anyways, this is a little taster of whats to come from the Second Son look book. enjoy

PS no animals were hurt in the making of this look book

Nash : Trainer Confidentials...

"Nash customises shoes on a different level to most customisers. Using a combination of appliqué, trinkets, logos, paint and re-stitching, Nash transforms the everyday sneaker into something unique and special".

This film can be seen online as well as the V&A Museum, London where it features alongside many other dope names such as Bernard Willhelm, Jeremy Scott & Visvim in the exhibition Fashion V Sport. The Museum hosts home to the show up until January 09 so goooo peep!

Trainer Confidentials Pt. 2 - Nash Money from FUMF on Vimeo.